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Barbara Jones
Some things we just know...  As a child I had a deep interest in beauty.  After taking my turn as a young person, I decided to settle down into the business.  I spent my early years at Sebastian Salons Cassandre 2000 and Centre where I had the privilege to be surrounded by some of the most amazing artists in this profession.  The memory of my time there inspires me to this day, and it was there that I met Makoto Akita and Carlos De La Vega through my friend, Jerico; a chance meeting of fate.  Makoto had the  most talented, creative, dedicated staff I had ever seen in Osaka, Japan.  I believe luck struck me twice with the opportunity to be with a second group of such amazing talent.  Not only did these people have great ability, but their pure passion for excellence really stood out.  The melting together of these cultures is what created our salon.  
The most fulfilling part of hairdressing is the opportunity to assist people in shaping an image and providing an escape from everyday life.  My mission in the salon is to provide people with an elevated level of skill, innovative products, unique services, and extraordinary pampering.  I want to create an experience clients can become addicted to; a healthy habit.
La Hair Salons
Natsu Ikuko Ohmura - Management 
I was trained in Japan by the founder of Bigoudi Japan, Makoto Akita, where I was a stylist for 20 years.
My boss had a strong philosophy that there is never an end to learning and taught me to see all sides of the issue. We learned to thoroughly consider what a client was asking for, and then develop the best way to help them achieve that look not only in the salon, but manageably at home.
This experience served me well when moving to Los Angeles from Japan and has given me the chance to change customers' styles and attitudes by giving them the support they need to come to me relaxed about what they are looking for.
Continuing to search for new styles and new techniques is an important part of this process and being able to affect clients' lives in this way makes me very proud of what I do.
La Hair Salons
Sandra Hurtado - Management
I began my advanced education in cosmetology at Bigoudi Salon by being mentored by some very experienced and successful hair dressers.  All of my mentors strongly believed in a continuous education, which has become very important to me in my career not only for myself but the new assistants and stylists I am now in charge of mentoring.  Years after, I began working with the Wella/Sebastian research and development department testing color and working in conjunction with a chemist who specialized in hair color.  It was a fascinating experience to really see the way color effects our hair.  It was a pleasure to look at the transformation it created in each client's mood just by correcting an unwanted color.  Due to my experience there, color has become a passion and specialty of mine.  Additionally, I specialize in Japanese relaxing and straightening.  It is a long process, but it is incredibly rewarding to see not only the hair transform from curly, frizzy, or damaged to beautiful, silky, shiny hair, but to see how it transforms the way the client looks at themselves.  I am a firm believer in educating my clients by thoroughly showing them how to achieve the look they want at home and providing them with the right products and tools their hair needs, along with an honest, professional opinion. Overall my career has been nothing but a fun, fulfilling journey. 
La Hair Salons
Jose Irizarry
I have been a Sebastian International Artistic Team member for 30 years which has given me the opportunity to show off my talent in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Mexico, and the United States.  In the past few years I have become a Sebastian International Core Team member where I have been able to train other Sebastian Artistic Team members here and abroad.  I am inspired by music, fashion, and different cultures, but my biggest inspiration is the youth of today.  Our youth are not afraid to take chances, make drastic changes to their image, or break the “rules” of society.  My goal as a hairdresser is to ultimately make every client feel great, as well as look the part. 
La Hair Salons
Vanessa Rodriguez
The first time I saw the film, “Some Like It Hot”, with Marilyn Monroe and the beautiful, elegant style that encompassed her, I became determined to recreate that period of time’s look. Those eras (the 1940’s and 1950’s) have greatly appealed to me since that day. They transcend time with their elegance.  Modern styles, especially ecclectic ones, appeal to me as well.  I love the amount of vibrance and color used in modern styles.  I attended the West Valley Occupational Center for cosmetology and spent a few years exploring local salons.  Finally, I found Bigoudi International where I have been polishing my skills and continuing to learn since 2005.
La Hair Salons
Angie Kathy Cortez
I was always referred to as the ecclectic girl; the girl of many colors and many hairstyles.  I have wanted to be a hair stylist since my first day of high school where I was introduced to an array of styles, trends, and personalities for the first time in my life.  High school was the primary time we all experimented with different styles to suit every personality type, and my first thought upon being exposed to all of these styles was how fun it would be to help everyone achieve their own look.  As soon as I graduated I enrolled in the West Valley Occupational Center for cosmetology where I quickly learned the tricks of the trade.  I started at Bigoudi International in 2004 as an assistant and have since worked my way up to a stylist position. Many heads of hair later here I am; a proud member of the Bigoudi team!
La Hair Salons
Maricruz (Mary) Bustos
My internship at Bigoudi International began six years ago as an assistant. In the past six years I have made my way up to Senior Makeup Artist.  I chose to focus on make up because it has always been a fascination of mine. I make sure to keep myself updated with all of the latest trends and tools in the makeup industry.  Currently, I am perfecting my airbrushing techniques which are used for several different occasions like weddings, photoshoots, special effects, and even everyday, natural looks.  It is a thrill to be able to teach my clients how to apply their make up at home and achieve salon results.  I like to share with them all of the new trends and looks; this is what makes me passionate about my career.  I see makeup as the icing on the cake.  Makeup adds a little bit of luxury and it gives the client the ability to create a different look for themselves everyday.  I am looking forward to continuing to grow at Bigoudi for years to come. 
La Hair Salons
Carlos de la Vega
About 30 years ago I met a man named Makoto Akita in London.  We were both there to learn English, and Makoto was enhancing his skills as a stylist at the same time.  We became close friends and ended up traveling the world together.  Three years later, Makoto opened the first Bigoudi salon in Osaka, Japan and later opened three more (in Japan). Bigoudi is now celebrating its 26th anniversary. A few years after its opening I started working at Bigoudi.Together, we eventually opened a boutique, a restaurant, and finally, Bigoudi International - Los Angeles (which is celebrating its 13th anniversary).
Throughout all of our work together we met Barbara Jones. She became a good friend and business partner; today she is the General Director of Bigoudi International - Los Angeles.
The opening of Bigoudi International here in Los Angeles has been a great opportunity to meet a variety of wonderful customers, as well as expand and exchange knowledge in arts and fashion with the diverse cultures of Los Angeles and Osaka. We openly invite all of you to pay us a visit; we look forward to meeting you.
La Hair Salons Anayelli Tovar
Growing up in the hair dresser world, seeing my mom and aunt do hair daily inspire me to be like them. Even as a child when I was in middle school and already having great unique hairstyles, although I felt out of place in school I knew that one day one time I would be a hair dresser. I had all the ingredients , and all I needed was the will. When I was in high school I decided to go to beauty school and got my diploma before I graduated high school, I started my journey a few years ago. Being raised in the rock 'n roll world I got inspired by the era of the late 60s to the 80s in the punk rock movement. I loved their attitude and the way they would express emotions through their hairstyles with color. That's when I realize I had inherited the passion for hair from my family. All I needed was direction. Luckily for me I found a place with great education energy and great people that where willing to help me achieve this goal.
A dream is what I used to have. Now I'm privileged to say that I'm part of the Bigoudi team! Y que VIVA EL ROCK !!!
Nail Salons Woodland Hills Veronica Torres
I began my cosmetology studies at Santa Monica College in 2004. Since then I have been polishing my hairdressing skills through Bigoudi’s Apprentice Program as well as taking many color, styling and product knowledge classes.
I have an overwhelming passion for my family, friends and career. I couldn’t imagine choosing another career. I like to be able to combine my knowledge and technique with an individual’s idea and vision for their hair in order to create beautiful walking art. It is rewarding to see someone leave my chair feeling a better person and with more confidence by just altering his or her hairstyle, color, texture or cut. Whether it be a funky pop color or a soft subtle change, I am always up for the task!
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Robbie Mirzapour
At the age of 15, you would expect a girl like me to be occupied with anything but styling hair. But in my case, doing hair was a priority, not an option. I began cutting and styling my friends hair in Iran. I knew that soon enough, this wouldn’t be just a hobby, it would become my profession. I wasn’t the only one who saw this. My Father played a major role in getting me started. He opened me my very own personal salon where I not only did hair, but I also threaded. For those who may not know, threading is a unique way of removing unwanted hair and shaping eyebrows with nothing more then a simple piece of string. Although I started out very young, by the age of 18 I was classified as a professional hairstylist living in Germany. I took many training lessons on the side as well to enhance my styling, highlighting, coloring, cutting and hair extensions. I took the same training classes in Las Vegas when I came to America so that I would be up to date with whatever was going on here. To this day, I still attend hair shows to pick up on new techniques that will surely make the clients feel extravagant, brand new, and nevertheless, stunning.


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Chris Rutman
I started my hairdressing career back in 1995 with the intention in mind that I would seek out the best stylists in the industry, learn from them and eventually... become one of them. Because of this intention, I had the good fortune of finding and training under some of the world’s top stylists. Since then I have spent 11 years training and teaching as a member of the prestigious Sebastian global artistic team. I have spent time teaching seasonal cutting-edge hairdressing and styling techniques in over 75 cities across North America as well as Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, London, St Petersburg, (Russia) and Madrid. Back in 2002, I began a specialization in Hair Extensions and through consistent marketing and a dedication to perfecting my craft. I have become one of the industry's most sought after hair extension stylists with clients flying in from as far away as New York, Miami, and Las Vegas to name a few, just to come out and get their hair extensions done by me. I always love to meet new clients and to learn a new life story. I consider my clients, and the people I work with at Bigoudi as an extension of my own family because to me they are exactly that and much more. It is a joy and a privilege to do what I do and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

Nail Salons Woodland Hills Rachel Bizar-Stanton
Growing up I dealt with acne. Because of that, I have always been interested in beauty, especially skin. My interest piqued once I started assisting at a salon/spa in Santa Barbara while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. Once I graduated from UCSB I attended the esthetician school at Santa Barbara City College. Originally attending to learn facials and skin care, my focus shifted the minute I first learned to wax. After that first wax, I knew I was meant to wax. Once I got my esthetician license in 2008, I moved back to LA and worked for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Studio inside Nordstrom. Through my Anastasia training, I became the eyebrow master I am today. I became a Bigoudi staff member in July 2011 and am proud to be Bigoudi’s go-to waxer, giving clients the best brows of their lives!
Nail Salons Woodland Hills Donna Lipshin
I’ve been interested in all aspects of beauty since I can remember and decided to go to Cosmetology School in my late teens. I am blessed to have worked in various salons and on various small productions over the years. I then decided to change my career and work in the Corporate Studio world. I did however keep my cosmetology license in good standing. In 1997, I had a bad fall at work and spent the next 8 years in chronic pain. I loved receiving relaxing therapeutic Massage, which was one of the natural healing modalities that made a huge difference in my rehabilitation. I always thought, “I would love to be able to make this kind of a difference for others.” In 2005, I was introduced to the world of Energetic healing. I became certified for Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy and was then introduced to the SCIO Quantum Bio-Feedback device. The SCIO device and training truly helped me understand the Mind-Body connection and, helped me reduce and manage the stress and pain in my body. I was so impressed with my results that I became a Certified SCIO Biofeedback practitioner and am continually amazed by it, in addition I can proudly say that I am virtually pain free to the point to where I have successfully been able to fulfill another dream and now practice something else I thoroughly feel passionate about, Massage Therapy. I truly believe we have the ability to create the life we want through positive thought patterns and the open mind to receive. I look forward to growing with Bigoudi and becoming an avenue for people to receive relaxing massage therapy, stress less and grasp a glance of what is possible in discovering our true inner and outer beauty.
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