Bigoudi is proud to share our diverse and incredible staff of stylists with you. 

Anayelli’s Bio

I’m Anayelli.

Working at Bigoudi since 2005 I think it’s safe to say I have passion for this place and my craft. 

I love to welcome each client like an old friend. My goal when you sit in my chair is to enhance the natural beauty that already exists within you.

My personal favorite look is sexy bouncy hair, the best compliment I can get is when you can recreate the same look at home. 

I provide a customized service that can fit any occasion. I specialize in wig making, hair coloring, men and women hair cutting and styling. As a third generation hair dresser, You can trust I will listen to your needs to ensure you love your hair.

We as a salon strive to do our part by offering Eco-Friendly, Cruelty Free product lines and also offer organic hair coloring services to achieve beautiful healthy hair.

Minerva’s Bio

I’m Minerva.

Maybe I’ve always been a hairdresser at heart,  combining styling methods from our hair mothers and fathers with today’s tools. Keeping up to date with today’s fashion as well as embrace styles from the past but I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage aesthetics.

In my experience there are two things that need to happen in every appointment, deep listening and a shared vision. I like to take my time getting to know each client from finding out what you’re comfortable with, establishing a desired look and addressing any fears or concerns you may have. I customize my service to every clients lifestyle. My goal is to add value to your every day artistic expression.

I’m well versed in many coloring techniques, haircut styles along with specialization in various hair extension techniques. I can teach you vital knowledge on hair care, my motto is not to simply sell just any product, but to have a plan in place to elongate the hair experience. 

As a salon we offer an eclectic ambiance and unique experience not found in other salons. 

I’m also a member for the ACLU and a pit bull advocate. Hope to see you in my chair!

Jessica’s Bio

I’m Jessica Angelina.

I went to Newberry School of Beauty and was one of the first to graduate from my class, always staying extra hours so I could be at the top of the game. My love for hair started young when I would bleach panels of my hair  to have cool strips of color. It was quite messy doing  it in the comfort of my bathroom, trying not to get blue and purple splatters all over the walls and shower. The world of creativity has always been something that caught my attention. I do a very wide range of  services but if I had to choose I would say  Color and extensions are probably my favorite. I absolutely LOVE color! Its so much fun because the possibilities are endless and it is a great opportunity for creativity to flow! Doing extensions makes me feel amazing because anyone can have the hair of their dreams. Aside from in the salon, I love doing events and weddings. Being a part of a brides special day means so much to me and brings me great joy.
Doing hair allows me to explore and set my creativity free while making you look and feel good about YOURSELF. We usually feel one hundred percent when we look good, and being able to do that fuels my drive. As well as enhancing your natural beauty, I love the connection and the building of a relationship with you. Genuinely, I care about you  and your hair needs and will treat your  hair as if it were my own. I love teaching my clients  how to style their hair and use the right products to help maintain their manes and keep it healthy at home. I would also love to teach you!
 I have had the most amazing mentors that helped guide me through the beginning stages if my career and will always be there for me. I Love education and learning new things.  I am always looking to try new things and expand as a person and as a hairstylist. In this industry education is key. It is always evolving and it is important to keep it going and be up to date with all the latest trends and techniques.
I am all about everything positive and connecting with you on all levels. I am definitely blessed for the people and clients I have been able to connect with along the way and I know there are only more blessings to come.

Michelle’s Bio

I’m Michelle.

I am a passionate hairstylist who believes in looking and feeling good. Ever since I picked up a pair of scissors to cut my own bangs at the very mature age of 10, I’ve always loved the idea of being able to create a striking look with a simple tool.  I am a licensed cosmetologist, who graduated at the top of my class from Academy For Salon Professionals in Los Angeles, California. I specialize in hair color – from color corrections, balayage, highlights and full color treatments. I love to cut and style hair for the ease of everyday looks, but also adore working with brides and creating up-dos and styles for their special days. 

I have been a professional stylist for about 5 years and have worked hard to hone my craft and is sensitive to the challenges of keeping up with beauty trends. I truly value in continuing my education and attend as many classes and beauty shows I can. I’m so lucky to have amazing mentors around me for continued support and guidance.

Toribel’s Bio

I’m Toribel.

My interest with the beauty industry began when I was twelve years old. I was fascinated with online hair tutorials. A shout out to YouTube for getting me interested in my career . Hair has been a passion ever since. I am currently a Paul Mitchell graduate and licensed cosmetologist. I joined the Bigoudi team as an assistant, and have been given an amazing opportunity to further my education and perfect my skills, all thanks to my mentors in the salon!  My goal is to specialize in Barbering & Hair Color. Although I am just beginning my artistic journey, I can’t wait to see that the future has in store for me ! Stay tuned on my IG @thetorytouch

Sandra’s Bio

I’m Sandra.

I started my career 25 years ago. It has been a long rewarding journey.
I started in an assistant program with the privilege of being mentored by a very gifted and talented stylist, who strongly believes in education. That connection became very important to me, not only for myself, but for the new generations I am now in charge of mentoring.

I am passionate about several specialties in the industry. I love to see the transformation that extensions can bring! I especially love how hair placement pieces really make an impact on my clients confidence. It’s exciting to create weave and Balayage looks that really accent a hair cut.

What really make me feel fulfilled, is when my clients leave very happy and pleased. I strive to do my best for each and every one of them. I have been at Bigoudi for a long time and even though I have worked for professional product and education companies, my heart is in the salon.
I enjoy a place that is supportive of my career, my creativity and my happiness.

Barbara’s Bio

I’m Barbara.

I started my career in 1984 and was fortunate enough to gain a spot at Cassandre 2000- the Sebastian International flagship Salon. It was there, I was the recipient of a priceless education- one that continually informs my core philosophy to this day.

I’m strongly attracted to color… I love to work with blonding and weaving, grey blending, bright reds, warm browns, cool caramels on dark hair, and weaves of all kinds. I love to texturize with body waves and cream straighteners, as well as soft keratins. For styling I love geometric bobs and soft layers. I have a sizeable male clientele that appreciate attention to detail and stylish cuts.

This calling still excites me to this day! I love to find new technologies that help me create happiness and hopefulness in each of my clients. I cherish every day of this career

Carlos’s Bio

I’m Carlos.

I am Carlos De La Vega. I started almost 25 years ago as the International Manager of Bigoudi Intl. Osaka, Japan. My job was to establish an international presence for the company, so we embarked on a partnership in Los Angeles with Barbara Jones. About 10 years ago, I gave up my partnership to pursue a full time position of operations manager for Bigoudi Los Angeles because I appreciate the stand Barbara has for all of us, starting from customer service advanced education, assistant program and more. I feel the energy of the salon is vibrant! I want to say many thanks to our customers, staff, management team and a special thanks to Barbara.