Sandra’s Bio

I’m Sandra.

I started my career 25 years ago. It has been a long rewarding journey.
I started in an assistant program with the privilege of being mentored by a very gifted and talented stylist, who strongly believes in education. That connection became very important to me, not only for myself, but for the new generations I am now in charge of mentoring.

I am passionate about several specialties in the industry. I love to see the transformation that extensions can bring! I especially love how hair placement pieces really make an impact on my clients confidence. It’s exciting to create weave and Balayage looks that really accent a hair cut.

What really make me feel fulfilled, is when my clients leave very happy and pleased. I strive to do my best for each and every one of them. I have been at Bigoudi for a long time and even though I have worked for professional product and education companies, my heart is in the salon.
I enjoy a place that is supportive of my career, my creativity and my happiness.

Barbara’s Bio

I’m Barbara.

I started my career in 1984 and was fortunate enough to gain a spot at Cassandre 2000- the Sebastian International flagship Salon. It was there, I was the recipient of a priceless education- one that continually informs my core philosophy to this day.

I’m strongly attracted to color… I love to work with blonding and weaving, grey blending, bright reds, warm browns, cool caramels on dark hair, and weaves of all kinds. I love to texturize with body waves and cream straighteners, as well as soft keratins. For styling I love geometric bobs and soft layers. I have a sizeable male clientele that appreciate attention to detail and stylish cuts.

This calling still excites me to this day! I love to find new technologies that help me create happiness and hopefulness in each of my clients. I cherish every day of this career

Carlos’s Bio

I’m Carlos.

I am Carlos De La Vega. I started almost 25 years ago as the International Manager of Bigoudi Intl. Osaka, Japan. My job was to establish an international presence for the company, so we embarked on a partnership in Los Angeles with Barbara Jones. About 10 years ago, I gave up my partnership to pursue a full time position of operations manager for Bigoudi Los Angeles because I appreciate the stand Barbara has for all of us, starting from customer service advanced education, assistant program and more. I feel the energy of the salon is vibrant! I want to say many thanks to our customers, staff, management team and a special thanks to Barbara.